Might Be Moving These Cats

I was recently promoted and offered a job in another part of town and I’m still debating on whether not gonna take the job because I’m not sure if I want to move. I finally have my life situated in my current home, even down to finally getting my cats comfortable and situated. We have […]

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How To Take Care of A Cat

This post today will be all about tips on how you can take care of your cat in the right way. There are several factors that go into taking care of a cat, you have to feed them, give them water, scoop the litter etc. A lot of cat owners don’t want to do these […]

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The Main Cat

The more information I come across about this particular breed of cat, my intrigue grows tremendously. Even the most basic animal lover, novice enthusiast, or even expert breeder can attest to the Maine Coon particular behavioral traits. There should be no rush in deciding which type of pet a responsible owner should purchase, so even […]

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The Evolution of The Cool Cat

There was a time where all I could think about was what would be the next way to spend my weekend. It used to be where my plan was to go into detail about being a cool cat. I wanted to share some ideas into the mind of a fat cat focused on the bigger […]

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Fat Cats in Castles

I decided that I was going to make my New Years Resolution, to not have a New Years Resolution at all. Contradictory, I know it, but I think you might agree with my reasoning once you read on. Every year, we hear the same rhetoric, and see the same results. In the first few weeks […]

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For Domesticated Lions

I had to spend some time doing some research, connecting with etymologists, having manuscripts reviewed by typographic, analyzing the great literary works of all the romance languages in order to determine what would be the true definition that would make the most sense in order to have the most significant impact. For all intents and […]

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